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Wellington Wedding Photography frequently Asked questions

Your packages mention the number of hours covered. What happens if we go over time by a half hour, do you stop photographing?

The hours of coverage mentioned are an indication only. I would never stop mid event if it went over time. I have added a time indication to my packages because I have been taken advantage of in the past and I wanted to give prospective clients a reasonable expectation of what is covered in each level of my offering. For photographers, time is money, and extra behind camera time is echoed by extra in front of laptop time after the event. I would typically spend twice as much time processing images as I do taking them. Packages can always be upgraded on the day if the party starts swinging and you want more coverage. I typically never book more than one wedding or event in a day so I am always open to staying on if you desire me to. 

Do you take a deposit and what happens to my deposit if the wedding gets cancelled?

Yes like every Wellington wedding photographer, I do take a minimal non refundable deposit

once the booking is confirmed.

In the event that the wedding or special occasion gets cancelled well out from the date, we can talk.

I have only had this happen to me twice in twelve years and the cancellation was at least two months prior

to the date. I refunded the deposit in full. 

What happens if you the photographer get sick or can't make it to the wedding?
I have a good range of contacts within the photography industry and have informal understandings

with a couple of them. I would endeavor to do my best to find an equally competent photographer

to take my place at your wedding.

You will find that this is the default for most photographers in the wedding business.

Can other people take photos on the day?

I welcome friends and families to take snap shots. However if you want images that are the best they can be,

it would be great if they could wait until I finish mine. This is particularly important during the family photos as it is difficult to get everyone to look in the same direction with other distractions. Extra cameras are usually discouraged when doing the bridal portrait shoot after the service and away from your guests simply because this time is limited and precious.

How do I confirm the booking for my day?

You will need to sign a photography contract and pay the deposit. Until this point, I can pencil the date for you but will give it to someone else if they are prepared to sign on the dotted line. Competition for certain dates and times of the year can be fierce so once you've made your decisions regarding venue, catering, photography, and celebrant, sign em up!

Do you photoshop the images?
Yes I use photoshop and lightroom software. These tools are the industry benchmark for photo processing.

Do I airbrush images? I try to keep photoshop use to a minimum. I want photos to look natural and have accurate skin tones, I find that the images are timeless when compared to other photographers that heavily airbrush and deblemish photos. I make lighting, contrast, and cropping adjustments and remove distractions in the background for important images if needed. I also spend time removing obvious blemishes and last minute stress pimples. I can also soften lines and wrinkles if needed (I get a lot of mothers of the bride asking me to do this!! ;)


I have had one bride who had the name of a previous partner tattooed on her shoulder. She wanted me to photoshop the tattoo out for obvious reasons, which I gladly did. This type of photoshopping is outside of the normal scope so would be an extra charge as it massively adds to the processing time.

What can I expect when I receive the online folder of images?
My default would be to include a folder of photoshopped standard colour corrected images and a folder of black and whites. Sometimes I'll have a play with photoshop effects if the mood takes me.


How long will it take to get my images? 

If you are in New Zealand, I aim to get the images to you ideally within two weeks. At certain times of the year (Jan-April) this can stretch to 3-4 weeks. 

Can I pass the images to other vendors such as caterers, florists, venues, and dress designers?

We’d love to share your photos with your favourite Wellington wedding vendors if that’s what you want. We can supply them with photos for their website or Facebook page on your behalf. As they will be using the images for their own commercial gain, it is good to have an understanding in place with them before they use the images. Wellington photographers usually watermark the images in a subtle way with their brand/logo and ask for some kind of attribution or acknowledgement. In some situations, a licensing fee will be charged along with your permission of use also. Eg, when an image is going to be used prominently in marketing material, on social media and commercial websites.

Can I post my wedding photos to my facebook page?

Of course you can! The photos are yours to use anywhere for personal use. Tagging me in with my facebook page is always appreciated as most of my business comes from referrals and facebook is a great way to get the word out :)

How come you are cheaper than other similar quality photographers?

One word, efficiency. My focus is on the people and the images not the cash and the post-wedding upsell. I don't get involved in printing the photos and I don't spend time putting albums together for you. I have skills and equipment to compete at market levels in a much higher price bracket but choose to work in the under $2500 price bracket on purpose. 

What equipment do you use and why?

I'm a Canon guy.

I use two Canon cameras as my main bodies and also have Sony A7iiis as back up and for video use.
For ceremonies, I use two cameras with a 24-70mm wide zoom f2.8 on one body and a 70-200mm f2.8 long telephoto lens on the other body. I also have a range of prime lenses including a 50 mm, an 85mm, and a 125mm. I've chosen this equipment because it balances quality with flexibility and unobtrusiveness. 


I usually work with a camera on each hip which gives me lots of options in terms of shots. It also means that I am capturing the day on more than one camera and memory card in case the worst happens and a card blows up for some reason. Call it my insurance policy.

My lenses are fast and work well in low light situations which means I can keep flash photography to a minimum. In the vast majority of weddings I've been involved in, I have made use of available light only.

If I need a more formal lighting set up I have a decent handful of flash units which I use with wireless radio triggers and shoot through umbrellas. I also have a portable backdrop system for more studio styled photoshoots. 

How are you with shy people who aren't used to being in front of a camera?

This is my speciality! I have an easy going, relaxed photography style and never push anyone to be photographed. I often encounter hesitant brides, shy grooms, or guests who would rather remain invisible. I have lots of experience working with subjects who are uncomfortable with being the centre of attention. My longer telephoto lens comes into use in these situations. Being able to photograph at a distance means you don't have a camera in your face and you and your guests aren't as aware of being photographed. By the time the ceremony starts you'll no longer be aware that I'm active in the vicinity, and by the reception you'll be yelling my name to get in more photos.

If you want some pre wedding day experience, take advantage of my engagement photoshoot - for $299 we can do a mini shoot with just the two of you.


On the wedding day, I make sure I don't add to the stress and often find I become a secondary support person providing the bridal couple with a touch of structure and guidance as the event progresses. I am often the most experienced wedding participant on the day and have found myself many times as the brides personal assistant making sure she has everything from a cold glass of water, to sunscreen, hollywood tape or hairpins, and a topped up glass of bubbles. I always notice the finer details of the day and if something isn't right, I'll quietly bring it to the attention of the appropriate person.

Do you have an assistant or second shooter?

I cover most weddings by myself as this is one way of keeping costs down for the bridal couple but I do have second shooters I can call on. The cost of having a second camera person is $500 for my midi package and $1000 for my extended package on top of the standard package cost. I do sometimes allow a student or understudy photographer to join me at weddings (with prior permission from the bridal couple). There is no extra cost if I have a student join me and they are happy to share some of the photos they take on the day with the wedding participants.

Can you organise a set of prints for me?

Yes of course, the cost of this varies but usually starts around $300 dollars for a print copy of each shot and goes up from there depending on number of prints and size. It is often more efficient and is definitely cheaper to sort through and choose the images you want printed for yourselves rather than have me do it, but some people don't have the time to organise it. I'm more than happy to step in and arrange prints in this situation.

Do you do video?

Yes I can video the ceremony for an additional fee or I can work as a standalone videographer if you have a different preference for your main photographer.
Get in touch and we can talk through what you are wanting. 
I'm primarily a photographer so my video skills are at an intermediate level. If you're wanting professional cinematography than I suggest you approach someone who has professional level skills and equipment, but if you're wanting simple video coverage with reasonable quality sound and basic editing and transitions than I can help!


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