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Hi, I'm David; the owner and creative individual behind Von Photography.

Photography has been a passion of mine for many years but I decided about thirteen years ago to ramp up the skill level and start down the road towards working as a full time photographer. Seven years ago, I took the last step in this journey and gave up my day job. I’m happy to say it has been an enjoyable, and sometimes wild, ride ever since.


Born and bred in Wellington, I have a strong working knowledge of local photography locations, especially those that offer a little magic. As well as wedding photography, I have photographed many of the big names in New Zealand music and have been a part of the Homegrown and Ladeda music festivals for a number of years, and spend my weekday hours photographing properties for some of Wellington's top real estate agents. 


I have been involved in the fashion industry including photographing the catwalk shows at Fashion Week, I'm a member of The Fashion Collective, I've photographed Miss Universe NZ, Burlesque Revues and several smaller competitions and fashion events. Through this involvement, I have built up an extensive network of creative people working in all facets of the fashion, film, music and creative arts industries within New Zealand.


Aside from photography, I also have an interest in web design. I'm a regular at my local gym (going so far as to teach group fitness classes), enjoy social media networking and anything to do with the buying, selling, and renovating of real estate.


As an extrovert, I have heaps of energy, a relaxed, easy-going style and a focus on people that makes working with me fun and stress-free. My aim is to capture the joy and special moments in my wedding images, providing a strong mix of formal wedding portraits and informal images in all wedding photography packages. 


For me, weddings are all about FUN and CELEBRATION. You don't need some uptight killjoy ordering you or your guests around. This is always in my mind as I play my part in your special day.


I am usually the most experienced wedding goer at any wedding so I often become the Bride and Groom's personal assistant on the day, making sure they both have plenty of water and sunscreen, the groom has a cold beer in his hand and the bride, a glass of bubbly. I've been known to do the odd bit of sewing, boutonniere attaching, tie tying, ruffle smoothing, tear drying, marquee fixing, shoe polishing, table moving, DJ mixing, taxi driving, food serving, cake cutting, red wine stain-eliminating and fairy light hanging.


If you are looking for an affordable, experienced, and relaxed Wellington photographer for your wedding or event, or want some fun and flirty glamour portrait photos taken by someone that has flair, personality, a keen eye and a listening ear, then contact me. 


Have an event you want to book?
Email me or text me now to check availability  or  Text 0274374351


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